diy maxi wrap dress

DIY Maxi Wrap Dress: Getting Started

We are going to do a new challenge! A maxi wrap dress! Don’t worry, it’s a simple one and I’ll walk you through each step. We are going to make a wrap dress because it flatters every figure and we will adjust it so it fits your body just right.

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Can you loose 10 lbs just by wearing a jacket?

The answer is a resounding yes!! Well, not physically but it will look like you did! Last week I started to talk about layering pieces and how a jacket is one of the best things you can do for your modest style. As promised, we will make a jacket, which

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How to Sew Your Skirt | DIY Pleated Maxi Circle Skirt

WHAT WE COVER IN THIS VIDEO: Sewing the pleats Adding the zipper Sewing the pocket Constructing the skirt Adding the waistband Inside finishing Hemming the skirt Hand sewing the hook and eyes Pressing seams   NEXT ACTIONS: Sew your skirt First Video: Maxi Circle Skirt Supply List Second Video: Adjusting

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Cutting Your Pattern | DIY Pleated Maxi Circle Skirt

WHAT WE COVER IN THIS VIDEO: Prepping and laying out the fabric Laying out the pattern Pinning and Cutting out the pattern Cutting out the interfacing Marking the pattern in preparation for sewing Setting up your sewing area for maximum efficiency NEXT ACTIONS: First Video: Maxi Circle Skirt Supply List

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Adjusting Your Pattern | DIY Pleated Maxi Circle Skirt

All Downloads for Maxi Circle Skirt DIY Maxi Circle Skirt Downloads   WHAT WE COVER IN THIS VIDEO: How to read a pattern to know what pieces are needed Your Front and back measurements Transferring your front and back measurements to the pattern Optional side seam pocket Elements of a

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maxi circle skirt

Getting Started | DIY Pleated Maxi Circle Skirt

Make your own pleated maxi circle skirt that fits and flatters you perfectly! Free Step-by-step video tutorial with downloads to help you along the way. Here’s what you get: Download your How to Measure tool kit to measure your body accurately, so the skirt fits you properly. Get step–by-step instructions

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Learn how to measure your body so that you look amazing.

how to measure


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