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maxi wrap dress measure neckline

3 reasons why I adjusted the wrap dress pattern

What just happened? DID I FALL ASLEEP? I jump up to see who saw me. Nobody was around but who knows how long I was out. It’s 2pm on Wednesday well into the second week of fasting and I do the head bop and wake myself up (SMH).  You know the one when your head goes too far down as your falling asleep and you start to lose your sense of gravity so your subconscious wakes you up before you bump your head. Yeah, I know it was bad.

This is one of the side effects of getting up at 3:30am for Sahur and not going back to sleep. Fasting isn’t the problem, in fact I appreciate it because it brings with it the ability to focus, it’s the lack of sleep!

So with the lack of sleep combined with fasting and the million other things you are trying to get done during the week you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the dress?

Did you get to watch the video last week and are feeling even more overwhelmed?

Breathe… feel better?

Ok no you don’t, but you can do this! Just take it step-by-step and you will get through it successfully.

One of the questions I did get asked last week was, why did I adjust the neckline and shorten the bodice. I showed you how to adjust the pattern, so now let me clarify why.

Neckline adjustment

In the sketch, the neckline was modified so your chest isn’t showing. I translated the design to the pattern by adding to the neckline as you see here.

maxi wrap dress measure neckline

If this is too much for you to do, you don’t have to add it. The dress will look fine without the adjustment.

Bodice length adjustment

According to LiveStrong the average American woman’s height is 5 feet 4 inches which I happen to be. My waist is not the smallest area on my body. So if you’re like me, it’s about 2 inches up from the waist which allows the dress to flatter my figure best. If your waistline is the smallest area on your body and your front slope measurement (which is the measurement from the edge of your shoulder to where your smallest area is at center front) matches the pattern, then there is no need to adjust.


Skirt length adjustment

As a woman with ‘Assets’ and curves, most commercial patterns don’t make allowances for the ‘extra’ roundness of our backside- so to do that we have to adjust the skirt length of the pattern. If you were to make a pattern from scratch this would be worked into the pattern in the beginning so the hemline would be straight.

By adding more length to the back and blending the hem to the shorter length in the front, gives the illusion of a straight hemline.

Do you have any other questions? Just ask in the comments below, I answer every one.

If you haven’t gotten the pattern, now is the time to get it.

Get all the downloads for the Maxi Wrap Dress below.

We are sewing next week! Until next time, happy cutting!


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