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DIY Maxi Wrap Dress : Sewing the Bodice

Prep your cut fabric pattern pieces- make sure all notches, darts and pleats are marked on wrong side of fabric.If you haven’t seen the first video see here how to measure and cut your fabric for the maxi wrap dress.


Back Bodice

  1. Folding right sides together, sew neck darts- making sure to follow the shape of the dart (it is not straight- mark the points and sew point to point)
  2. Sew waist darts


Front Bodice

  1. Folding right sides together, match notches, pin and sew pleat to the end and back tac. Do the same for both front sides.
  2. Make sure to sew the pleat flat (it should look like a box pleat)



  1. Folding right sides together, sew sleeve darts.
  2. Sew two rows of ease stitching @ sleeve cap (*note: I usually sew an inch past the were the pattern is marked on commercial patterns to ease the sleeve into the armhole a bit better)
  3. Putting right side together sew the sleeve seam from armhole to sleeve edge.


Attach Front to Back

  1. Sew front and back shoulder seams together
  2. Sew front and back side seams together


Serge All Edges


Attach Sleeve to Bodice

  1. Match sleeve seam with side seam, pin right sides together
  2. Match middle sleeve notch with shoulder seam and pin
  3. Ease sleeve cap into armhole and pin
  4. Sew armhole being careful that fabric is lying flat, so there are no creases or folds


Sleeve Hem

  1. Fold sleeve edge 2” up and press
  2. Fold 2” hem so that it is 1” clean finish and press
  3. Sew sleeve hem



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