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turn heads with modest fashion

Do you turn heads when you walk into a room?

Think back. We’ve all had at least one day, maybe a few in our lives, when we’ve felt flawless in our look. Maybe it was a day when you perfected your makeup routine, found the perfect blends–or perhaps even got your makeup done professionally. Your hair, hijab, or head wrap was on point. But what made it all work, what inspired all of the other embellishments was your outfit. Whether it was a gown, a suit, or a simple top and bottom that day your clothes fit every nook and curve of your silhouette just as it should. Think back to that day.

I’m sure that day you turned more than one head. The thing that made people stop and look. The thing that had them take you aside to pay you that compliment or just shout out a playful, “work it girl!” it wasn’t only what you had on, but how you wore it. How what you had on made you feel. Confident!

That confidence typically derives from two areas. First, wearing something that truly reflects your personal style. And second, wearing something that fits really well.

When you think of clothes reflecting your style, first answer the Marie Kondo’s question, does it spark joy? If the answer is yes, why? There are different ways for clothes to spark joy. It could be because of a fond memory of where you wore it first, or because it was a gift from someone special. That’s not quite the joy I’m talking about here.

In this situation it’s not only about what the clothes remind you of, but whether they trigger a positive self-image when you put them on. Clothes that truly reflect your personal style are the ones you choose when you’re being the best version of yourself.

Doesn’t much matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re attending a fundraising gala or taking the kids to a play-date, your selecting clothes that convey the best version of you in that situation.

Only you know what that looks like. But, if you need some help thinking through what that means for you, check out my post on finding your personal style.

The other half of the equation is fit. When we wear clothes that fit well we are able to move and function with ease. Fit is not just about whether it’s the right size. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my mantra that “size doesn’t matter!” Ignore the numbers on the tag, focus on whether your clothes bend, fall, button or zip in a way that allows you ease of movement, and a flattering silhouette.

When combining fit and personal style you can better ensure that your confidence and assuredness will show through. The better you get at honing the two, the more days you will have of turning heads!


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