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aziza tunic top

Aziza tunic, sewn two ways

What’s up?

Three weeks ago, Friday, I get a phone call from my sister laughing hysterically trying to talk in between her giggling. She is finally able to speak and says:

“Guess what? it’s on Oprah’s favorite things.”
Me: “SMH… really?! – this is ridiculous! I can’t walk a NYC block without spotting it!

I pride myself on being unique, granted I wasn’t always like this- but I’ve grown to love all of my quirks and sometimes down-right weird mannerisms.

Did you know I only buy black socks? Why, you ask? Because you never have to match them and they never go missing. All of them are the same. It’s one less decision I have to make in the morning. I know you’re thinking about it now aren’t you? You’re welcome.

That’s one of the reasons I love making my own clothes, it’s a guarantee that nobody will have the exact same outfit. Of course, there is also the fit, who knows your body better than you.

I sent a call out for testers and Nikki and Kim came through! I want to thank them for their help in getting this baby to its final stage!

One pattern, two different looks, both unique and looking fabulous!

I know you want in on this…

Get your Aziza tunic pattern now!

BTW, I wrote about this a few months back, but the 1-min version is, I got stopped in Trader Joe’s by a woman wearing my exact same coat. Same color and everything!  And if that wasn’t bad enough, now Oprah has it on her ‘favorite things’ 2019 list. That’s what my sister called to tell me.
I look at it hanging in my closet… nope, not doing it. You won’t catch me in it again.
Like I said, I don’t follow the crowd, I know you don’t either. We make our own path. That’s how we roll.

Let me know what fabric I should use for the Aziza Tunic tutorial over on Instagram– choose between three fabrics.


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