own your modesty

Own Your Modesty

It’s about 11 am on a Tuesday, I’m dressed and getting ready to walk out of the door. “Should I take it out? I probably should take it out- yeah that’s what I’ll do…” I take my shoes off run back to the bathroom and take out my nose ring.

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modest clothes

Modest clothes are your voice without saying a word

Building a modest wardrobe can be fun, but it’s just the surface. What matters more is how good you feel about yourself. When you feel good it shines through with unquestionable confidence. Click to Tweet: “Modest clothes are your voice without saying a word- how you wear them and carry

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is you style muslim enough

Is Your Fashion Style Muslim Enough?

I can remember growing up hating to wear pantaloons (pants with elastic at the bottom). It just wasn’t cool. That coupled with a lot of other fashion faux pas pushed me into sewing my own clothes– it was out of necessity for me to look and feel good about myself.

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diy maxi pleated maxi skirt giveaway

DIY Maxi Skirt Challenge #makeonegiveone

Lets celebrate the last ten days of Ramadan and make it count! If you’re finished your skirt, make another one and gift it to a deserving sister #makeonegiveone. I did :)! Last night the Islamic Center at New York University (ICNYU) held a fundraiser for the Muslim Women’s Institute for

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5 Questions before you step foot outside.

What is you’re packaging? When you get a gift and it’s wrapped nicely, you get excited and really want to know what’s inside. Depending on the size and shape of the gift you kind of guess what it is. Now if you were to get that same gift wrapped in

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Does Hijab fashion empower Muslim women?

When traveling for business I try to make a point to visit different mosque to see how Muslims from different countries live and practice Islam. Although I haven’t been to a mosque everywhere, I’ve managed to visit a few in Taiwan, India, France, Kenya, Zanzibar and of course around the

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Learn how to measure your body so that you look amazing.

how to measure


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