Modest clothes are your voice without saying a word

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Building a modest wardrobe can be fun, but it’s just the surface. What matters more is how good you feel about yourself. When you feel good it shines through with unquestionable confidence.

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Here are 9 ways knowing yourself makes you rich, happy and healthy, so when you dress modestly you are projecting your voice.

We’re all looking for the secret to wealth, health, and happiness. We read books, take seminars, and pay professionals in our search of that thing that is going to get us to these goals. But what if you already have the secret? What if all you really need to do in order to achieve those goals is to know yourself better.

We already have the information we need to get the things we want. Here are some tools you can use in your existing toolbox to make yourself a little richer, a little healthier, and a little happier.

    1. Do what you like to do

    We get so caught up in obligations and responsibilities that we forget to live. Build things that make you happy into your daily life. There will always be new obligations, and things that have to get done. But life is short and today is the day to really start living.

    2. Make your passions into your career

    Studies have shown that the average person goes through several career changes throughout their working life. Why not make one of those into your passion. More and more people are turning things that used to be a hobby into a sustainable business.

    3. Trust your instincts

    The more in tune with yourself you are, the sharper your “gut” feelings become. In those moments after you’ve done all the research that you could do, sought advice and made comparisons, all you have left is to make a decision. In those moments your instinct can be the difference between a big break and a big bust.

    4. Notice signs

    The universe often prepares us for things before they happen. It’s up to us to take note. These could be an emotional signs, like unusual shifts in mood; or even events, such as layoffs in your company or failed business deals. These signs can forecast what is present or what will come. So take notice and investigate when you see them.

    5. Catch problems before they start

    I know I am bad about going to the doctor regularly. But knowing my body and being aware of changes helps me know when I needed to visit the doctor or another professional. This keeps me healthy by pre-empting potential problems.

    6. Follow-up

    Many of us miss out on great opportunities or suffer a whole lot of headache because we fail to follow-up. Whether it’s a business card exchanged at a conference or social event that we never reach out to, or a blind date offer that we never take up. These opportunities could lead us to the next big phase of our lives.

    7. Don’t sell yourself short

    Know your strengths and practice them. You may be underselling or under utilizing your skills or talents. This happens at times when we get stuck doing things professionally or otherwise because of convenience or compulsion. But if you really get to know what your good it and develop that skill it can lead you to a happier more fulfilling life.

    8. Work with yourself

    We all have traits that hold us back. I know that I’m a procrastinator. Some of you might be control-freaks, anxiety-holders, or action-averse. Whatever your trait, knowing this about yourself can help you work around it. I have to give myself deadlines for every project well before its due and I use others to help hold me accountable. This system has saved me weeks in time and thousands in missed opportunities.

    9. Learn from your mistakes

    Often time people make the same mistakes over and over again, especially with their relationships. They take the same actions and expect different results. To have happier life, learning and growing is an essential.

How do you feel when dressing modestly? Leave a comment below.

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