Does Hijab fashion empower Muslim women?

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When traveling for business I try to make a point to visit different mosque to see how Muslims from different countries live and practice Islam. Although I haven’t been to a mosque everywhere, I’ve managed to visit a few in Taiwan, India, France, Kenya, Zanzibar and of course around the United States. I was able to see how cultural tradition play a large part in how Muslims dress, particularly the women. In each culture there were women who wore the full purdah (head-to-toe over garment with veil) and some who didn’t cover at all. But all had a unique style and a way of making modesty fashionable. Even if all that was exposed was the eyes and shoes, her eyes were made up so they were the focal point, and the shoes were off the chain!

The Huffington Post featured Muslim Women Bloggers Mariam Sobh of Hijabtrendz, Keziah S. Ridgeway of Philly Hijabis Killing It, Designer Marwa Atik of Vela and Stylist Yasmine Yasmine, asking them about Hijab and fashion. Here is their take on Hijab and the Muslim Woman.

What do you think? Does Hijab fashion empower Muslim women? Leave a comment below.

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