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Are you represented in fashion?

As I look through my social media feed at all the fashion ‘influencers’ I can’t help but think that I am not represented. I am not represented, as a Designer in the fashion industry. I am not represented, when I flip through pages of ads and magazines. I, a black,

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turn heads with modest fashion

Do you turn heads when you walk into a room?

Think back. We’ve all had at least one day, maybe a few in our lives, when we’ve felt flawless in our look. Maybe it was a day when you perfected your makeup routine, found the perfect blends–or perhaps even got your makeup done professionally. Your hair, hijab, or head wrap

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sewing side hustle

Turn Your Sewing Skills Into A Side Hustle

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I was younger I would braid the hair of the kids in my building. At $10 a head, I used the money I made to buy fabric. Both my parents had sewing machines that I had access to, yes my father sewed too, and

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personal style

Don’t Suffer From The Lack Of Personal Style Anymore

A lot of people struggle with their personal style, but you don’t have to. Having a personal style communicates that you are comfortable with who you are and confident in your abilities even before you open your mouth. It makes getting dressed easier and saves time all while knowing that

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Orolay down jacket

Are you tired of looking like everyone else?

I was in Trader Joe’s the other day shopping with my headphones on, not paying attention, and a woman taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and take my headphones off one ear and she says “I like your coat” I look at her, she’s smiling and posing at

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Learn how to measure your body so that you look amazing.

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