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5 tips for a successful 2019

1. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff Look back on this past year and remember the things that made you happy, what you enjoyed. When planning for the New Year, remember those feelings and continue doing things like that. With all that has happened within the last

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It Doesn’t Matter

Just got my taxes done! Got a nice piece of change, we can start on the kitchen–no maybe we can put the girls in that great summer program now without stressing. Ok, so what’s on the agenda today? When I get home I have to—BOOOOOOOOM ERRRRR!!!! What just happened? I’m

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What is your Legacy?

Aside from my parents there were three mentors in my life who helped me along my career path by sharing their gifts and passions with me as a child. Karima T., was my go to teacher for everything sewing. Latifa A. shared her gift of fine arts with me and

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clarity during ramadan

3 Simple Steps to Achieve Clarity During Ramadan

The best thing about Ramadan for me is clarity of mind—the ability to think without distraction and have a deeper understanding of everything around me. For 30 days, the background noise of life gets quieter. It’s a beautiful feeling. There are many blessings in this month from feeding the hungry

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3 lessons learned by sitting at the table

I am an introvert by nature. So talking for the sake of talking and having unnecessary meetings are a waste of time in my book. That’s precisely why when I was asked today if I wanted to sit in on a meeting with a potential vendor, I politely declined. I

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women and impostor syndrome

Are you an Impostor?

A while back I was reading my email and came across someone looking for women suffering from low self-esteem and imposter syndrome, imposter syndrome… what’s that? Reading that, I immediately thought of the words of Chris Rock, and I paraphrase, “Everyone is trying to diagnose you and then sell you

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2 questions to overcome fear

Do you ever find yourself doing everything else instead of what you are supposed to be doing? You may even start making up stuff to do, to prepare for what needs to be done rather than just going for it. Do you say to yourself, I need to read this

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Learn how to measure your body so that you look amazing.

how to measure


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