diy maxi wrap dress

DIY Maxi Wrap Dress: Getting Started

We are going to do a new challenge! A maxi wrap dress! Don’t worry, it’s a simple one and I’ll walk you through each step. We are going to make a wrap dress because it flatters every figure and we will adjust it so it fits your body just right.

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diy maxi pleated maxi skirt

DIY Pleated Maxi Skirt: Results

Shukran to everyone who participated in the Eid DIY Maxi Skirt Challenge! It was fun! If you started and had trouble finishing, leave a comment and let me know what you had difficulty with. Just because the Eid is over, doesn’t mean you can’t finish! You can still take the

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kids maxi skirt

How to make a kids maxi skirt

This weekend we celebrated both my daughters birthday’s. They were born 2 years and 5 days apart. Yeah I know what your thinking and yes it happened around our anniversary each year and no we are not having anymore :). Which brings me to the purpose of this post. My

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The results are in…

And the winner… You voted 62.50% in favor of dresses. I hear you loud and clear. For the next stage, I’ve designed three dresses for you to chose from. Pick which one you like most! I will work on developing the pattern and walk you through the creation process step-by-step.

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Learn how to measure your body so that you look amazing.

how to measure


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