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Refashioned sweatshirt into balloon sleeve top

It’s cold here in New York. We are in March, why did we get 6” of snow on Monday? This is the time when the weather is supposed to lighten up- and they say global warming isn’t a thing!

This type of weather makes you want to cozy up in some sweats and stay home. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, but here is the next best thing.

I have just the project to help keep you warm.

As you know, my full-time job is a design director and one of the perks is at the end of each season, samples that are no longer needed get donated or we can take a few home.

I got a sweatshirt sweatshirt for my husband- but he didn’t want it- we have been minimizing, but that’s for another post. So instead of getting rid of it, I decided to do my part in helping the earth by minimizing waste. I was inspired to refashion or upcycle the sweatshirt into a balloon sleeve tunic for myself.

Who doesn’t love a cozy sweatshirt? Now I can wear one – but not really :)- See how you can upcycle your own oversized sweatshirt hoody.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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