3 Reasons why being present helps your well-being

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It is really easy to “check-out” by being in your head, excessively planning for the future, comparing what’s happening now to what’s happened in the past, or obsessing over hypotheticals. I know I’ve been there! I also know that I sometimes resist being in the present moment consciously and unconsciously. But making the extra effort of being attentive and aware of what is happening right in front of you can have big pay-offs.  Here are 3 reasons why being present helps your well-being.

  1. Stress Reliever
    Stress often occurs for me when I constantly think about what happened or what is going to happen. But, the present is the only time we have any power over. The past is behind us. The future is based on the present moment. Something that helps me bring myself back into the moment is being grateful and counting my blessings. Let everything else go, take a deep breath and say thank you. I’m here because I was meant to be. Focus on the people around you or the task at hand. Be present and step into your power. Decide how you want to be and just be
  2. Confidence
    When I am present I am not self-conscious. I’m fully engaged in the moment. I’m not thinking about what happened previously in another situation, or wondering what I should say or how I should act. I’m just being. Don’t think about what to say next, what to do if… just be and trust that everything will flow as it should. Of course this happens best if you are around family and friends, then it’s easy. The challenge comes when you are in unfamiliar surroundings amongst people you don’t know as well. True connection comes when you listen more than you talk, and that takes being present in the conversation. Focus on what’s in front of you and just let everything flow.
  3. Creativity
    I know the best things I do take no thought. When I get on a creative roll everything just comes to me and flows out. In those moments, I’m not comparing to past projects, or questioning whether people will like what I’m doing or if it’s going to sell. I am totally present and time just flies by. Work that I produce out of being fully present to the creative process usually gets the most positive response. When I find that I’m blocked, it’s often because I’m not being present. I’m concerned with having limited amount of time, or with all of the other things on my to-do list. When you allow yourself the space to be in the moment, there are no limits to what can come out of it.

So the next time you find yourself frustrated, stressed, procrastinating or being self-conscious, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let go. Access where you are and what you can do at the present moment to change how you feel.

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What are ways that you stay present? Let us know how you stay present by leaving a comment below!

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