How to make an effective face mask

How to make an effective face mask

Download the free face mask pattern below: Download your FREE mask pattern Now Supplies needed: Fabric scissors Paper scissors Face fabric -tightly constructed cotton woven Lining fabric -cotton woven and this is the Straight pins 1/4” or 3/8” wide elastic, 22” long- you can substitute ties or shoelaces. All you

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erase fear

2 questions to overcome fear

You ever find yourself doing everything else instead of what you are supposed to be doing? You may even start making up stuff to do, to prepare for what needs to be done rather than just going for it. You say to yourself, I need to read this book on

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Are you an Impostor?

A while back I was reading my email and came across someone looking for women suffering from low self-esteem and imposter syndrome, imposter syndrome… what’s that? Reading that, I immediately thought of the words of Chris Rock, and I paraphrase, “Everyone is trying to diagnose you and then sell you

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CMC ReVeiled Spotlight

Where do you live? Westchester, NY How would you describe your personal style? Classically trendy What is your go to outfit for a night out? A pair of skinny jeans, cute tank or tee and some heels …at the office? Slacks/skirt, tee-shirt and blazer …relaxing? Maxi dresses If you could

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4 body types for a better fit

Every woman can look good, if she dresses according to her body type. Most of times, women follow fashion trends blindly, not realizing whether a dress would suit them or not. It is important that you dress according to your body type. A perfect fitted dress will not only make

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2 things you need to know for a great bra fit

Ladies, I know we are liberated but we still need support. A bra that is. Going bra-less, not having adequate support or wearing the wrong size does nothing for flattering our figures. “Headlights (Nipples showing through your shirt) –not cute, chicken cutlets (those who have them know what I’m talking

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Learn how to measure your body so that you look amazing.

how to measure


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