How to Dress Modestly for Summer Without Feeling or looking over dressed.

Summer is on and popping in New York. We’ve had three consecutive days of heat and humidity going into the 90º temperature range.

I see people in these streets striping down to almost nothing, but that’s not how we role.

I’ve had a co-worker ask me “aren’t you hot with that on?”

Me: Nope! I’m probably cooler than you because my skin isn’t exposed.

Anyone can strip down to keep cool.

But it takes fashion know-how to dress modestly while still staying cool and looking chic.

This is how to dress Modestly in the summer heat Without Feeling or looking over dressed.


  • The fabric you choose should be light weight and breathable. Meaning, air should be able to flow through the fabric easily. It is best to go with natural fabrics such as cottons and linens.
  • Synthetic fabric has come a long way and can be worn, but only if it has the added benefit of wicking away sweat and breathablity. These properties are usually found in workout clothes.


  • The lighter the color the better. Lighter colors are known to reflect the sun instead of absorbing it as darker colors would.


  • Wearing a tank top under your clothes is a good idea if you sweat a lot. It catches the sweat without leaving embarrassing stain marks on your clothes.
  • When wearing dresses or skirts, put on a pair of boy shorts or leggings to absorb the sweat between your thighs and to minimize chafing.


  • I am a strong advocate of tailored clothing. It makes you look polished and put together without question. However, make sure your clothes have all the components mentioned above and that they are comfortable.
  • It’s the worst when your clothes aren’t comfortable and it’s hot! That’s a recipe for disaster. Feeling good about the way you look starts first with how comfortable you are.


  • Keep it simple. The fewer items of clothing to fuss with the better. A nice tunic top with jeans and sandals or a summer dress and your good to go. I would avoid layering when it’s really warm, your outfit will look over done and you will feel overdressed for the weather.

What do you do to stay cool in the summer while dressing modestly? Let me know in the comments below.

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