4 body types for a better fit

Every woman can look good, if she dresses according to her body type. Most of times, women follow fashion trends blindly, not realizing whether a dress would suit them or not. It is important that you dress according to your body type. A perfect fitted dress will not only make you look good, but you will also receive compliments for your look. Want to know how to dress for your body type, read on.

1. Pear shaped body

Look out for boat neck tops and cowl neck dresses. Choose jackets above the waistline, this will compliment your body. Choose strapless dresses, it can make you look good. Choose light colored tees or tops for your casual wear.

2. Apple shaped body

Look out for V shaped neckline tees, this would compliment your body. Choose slim belts around your waist, this may help you to look slimmer. Opt for short skirts and tops as this may make you look slim. Do not go for tops that are over sized, it can be a complete turn off for your body. Instead, choose empire style dresses for your casual look.

3. Rectangle shaped body

Most of the young women have wedge shaped body. Look out for high waist dresses or tees for your body. Do not choose boat line tops, they may not look good on your body. Bright colors would suit you well, so choose bright colors for your casual look. Choose wide legged pants for bottom wear, this may compliment your look. Do not choose too many spaghetti tops.

4. Hourglass shaped body

It is best to choose well-fitted dresses for your body shape. Do not choose dresses that might hide your curves, choose dresses that may fit you well. Do not choose baggy style dresses or tees, it may not suit you well. Lightweight bright fabrics may suit your body shape. For bottom wear, choose skinny jeans, this may perfectly compliment your body. In addition, do not forget to wear belts for casual dressing.

It is always good to dress according to your body type. Do remember the above tips next time you go for shopping because the first thing any person would notice about you is your personality.

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